James Deen to Jenn Tisdale: 'I'm Happy You're Happy'

LOS ANGELES—Porn superstar James Deen wants the world to know that he is extremely pleased that Jenn Tisdale enjoyed having sex with him last month. "I am very happy she had such a great time," he told AVN today. The shoot came about after Tisdale submitted an application to Deen's ongoing offer to "," and received an email reply within a few hours of her submission. Within a week, she was having sex on camera with Deen, a preview of which can be seen on Deen's site .

Despite not being a porn star (regardless of what the Daily Mail says), Tisdale has nevertheless become a subject of media scrutiny following her liaison with Deen, and that appears to be what she wanted. Last Friday, the 33-year-old D.C.-based writer and comedienne posted to Jezebel.com a of her "amateur porn date" with Deen, which took place in September in a New York hotel room, and involved shooting exterior scenes of the two walking and talking outside, and then two sex scenes in the room. Tisdale's account skips past the actual sex and involves mostly describing what she was thinking and feeling before and after the actual shoot, which can basically be summarized as nervous beforehand and "really good" afterwards.

Reaction to the story was apparently instantaneous. Later that same day, Deen , "because of 's awesome sex and writing on crashed ... it is back up now if you wanna go jerk it."

In the following days, media outlets including the and the also posted up stories, and over at PolicyMic a young writer named Andrea Garcia-Vargas published a heartfelt reaction to Tisdale's piece titled "."

She is clearly not alone, but that's not the main point of the editorial, in which Garcia-Vargas notes, "Many more people like Jenn Tisdale are saying to themselves, 'But so what?' They brush aside the possible consequences—or, rather, the fear of them—and go ahead and do it," and states optimistically, "I hope one day we can live in a world where, if you choose to upload your own porn or homemade videos, if you choose to discuss your kinks or your lack of kinks, if you choose to discuss your orgasms—or your inability to orgasm—there will be zero repercussions in your chances at employment and on your coworkers' and peers' esteem of you."

For her part, Tisdale wrote in the Jezebel piece that she actually did feel "empowered" after the shoot, and found herself "telling strangers all about what I did." The reactions surprised her. "People are not only interested in it but excited," she wrote. "It's further proof that porn is not the Wizard behind the curtain it once was. The Sexually Liberated Dorothys of the world have pulled back the drapes to reveal something not quite frightening after all. Surrender Dorothy, turns out she's a submissive after all."

Later, she added, "The fact that James and I exchanged a few emails and talked a bit prior made it all feel quite easy. I hardly noticed the camera, the idea that thousands of people would be viewing this soon, or what my ass was doing the entire time. Dear God, what was my ass doing the entire time? That was a month ago."

Last Friday, the video from their shoot, which identifies Tisdale as "Gwen Derringer," was posted to Deen's site. "James says it's great," she reported. "He informed me that the first part is hilarious, as it was intended to be, which of course speaks to the comic in me. I'm glad that's the case. When I visit his website and watch trailers of other movies I do feel a bit nervous. Everyone does seem pretty goddamn naked. That is completely fine and normal. If you really break down the idea of porn it's quite silly that anyone would react negatively to it. Most of us have sex. A lot of us have used a camera. Some of us have put the two together. At least one of us got paid in money, experience and fun."

But as Deen implied in his comments to AVN today, the significance of the shoot and Tisdale's account of it is far greater than a video to post or more traffic directed to the site, as nice as those things might be.

"My goal is to always give my models the best experience, so seeing that I was successful makes me very happy," Deen said. "It speaks volumes about our society that a lady deciding to shoot an adult film is as interesting news as this. She's happy and that's what is important to me."

Image: James Deen and Jenn Tisdale.