FAKEhostel Announced As Latest Addition To FAKEhub Brand Family

LOS ANGELES—, the brand behind the world’s most adult taxi rides, has announced the most recent addition, FAKEhostel, to its family of websites. The decision to create a website with content catering to ‘travel enthusiasts’ came from a common resurgence of adventurous and travel-related affinities that pointed to a new market for FAKEhub.

FAKEhostel is a departure from the usual FAKEhub style. Beyond the confines of a vehicle or a single room, FAKEhostel makes greater use of the outdoor and story-related scenarios available. The camera is less a "part of the action" but in many ways, resonates with the FAKEhub style. Through a particular use of comedy and a myriad of gorgeous young girls from Europe, UK and further abroad, FAKEhostel content provides a fresh perspective on the FAKE scenarios that the beloved porn stars find themselves in.

FAKEhostel Production Director, Lewis Thomas, explained the site’s new approach to adult content:

“The scripts try to avoid the usual clichés we're used to seeing in porn and, as a result, there are some very funny and original episodes with a lot of unexpected and offbeat humour. In some ways, it is zany and slightly over-the-top, like a comic book, complete with its own quite distinctive visual style, from the sets and cinematography, to the costumes and styling.

"We also tried to surprise models or throw them off during takes so we could capture some genuine reactions to the craziness during scenes featuring The Landlord or The Landlady. We wanted an expression of pure surprise to the way The Landlord would look when answering the door, or how The Landlady would be eating something while talking to the backpackers, for example.”

Every week there will be a new scene on . The site is now available to all adventurous travel aficionados looking to experience a fresh premise in adult entertainment.