AdultDVDTalk Sued For $2.4M By BWP Media

LOS ANGELES—After initially filing a lawsuit against a site sponsor, BWP Media has amended its filings to claim copyright infringement against

BWP Media, which initially sued Bush DVD, is now seeking $2.4 million in damages for what it claims are eight paparazzi photos posted on the forum.

Husband-and-wife team Drew and Steph Black own ADT and run the site from their home in Maine on a part-time basis. The suit threatens to shut down the popular website. In an effort to cover their legal defense and mounting costs, AdultDVDTalk has launched a fundraising campaign—all the information can be found at and donations can be made on Fund Razr at . ADT is also looking for company sponsorships and help spreading the word on social media with the hashtag #KeepTalkAlive.

“Since 1999, ADT has provided a space for fans, performers, directors, retailers, and industry insiders to connect,” said Steph Black. “Between movie reviews, interviews and forum discussion, and the volunteer efforts of thousands in the community, ADT has become an indispensable resource. Unfortunately, one opportunistic lawsuit threatens the hard work that so many people have put into ADT.”

“As a community we have always championed paying for porn, taking a hard line stance against piracy,” added Drew “We respect the work that artists put into their productions. This lawsuit isn’t about respecting copyrights. It's about an exploitative, bullying scheme to use the copyright system to target and seek money from individuals and small businesses that can’t afford to mount a legal defense.”

Longtime member GoreGoreGirl writes, “I think I speak for many when I say that ADT is a rare community. ADT is family. It’s also a site of education and the sharing of rare knowledge. I’m constantly amazed by the richness of content posted to ADT on a regular basis. Porn stars and industry insiders school us on the realities of the adult workplace, demystifying the adult industry and chatting with us about our favorite scenes and films. Like-minded fans have pointed me toward XXX gems I never would have discovered otherwise, and I routinely witness others making similar discoveries. Scholars have drawn from the thousands of intelligent, entirely volunteer-based interviews, discussions, and reviews on ADT, developing work that has been published by academic presses and mainstream websites. And, so far, we have enjoyed this space entirely for free. The loss of such a vital educational, social, and promotional space for those who champion adult media can’t be overstated. It's time to pay it forward. If you, have benefited from ADT over the years, contribute whatever you can to keep talk alive.”

Keep the discussion going by visiting the ADT forum at . For more information, contact Drew Black at [email protected]