‘Poor Little Shyla 2’ Exclusively Streaming on HotMovies.com

PHILADELPHIA—Poor Little Shyla 2 has been released exclusively on HotMovies.com. In just a few days it has skyrocketed to the number one spot.

With the landmark success of Poor Little Shyla’s exclusive release on HotMovies.com, Girlfriends Films was happy to release the sequel only on . Poor Little Shyla 2 is already the most watched movie on HotMovies.com, a phenomenon that did not surprise James Cybert, HotMovies director of business development.

“Girlfriends Films was as happy with the popularity of Poor Little Shyla as we were,” he said. “They spent the last year carefully crafting Shyla 2 to capitalize on the same hot power play and real lesbian sex. They really put their best foot forward with a whole new cast.”

Shyla Jennings is back, along with the fan favorite Julia Ann, and adorable newcomers Lily Carter and Sensi Pearl. Shyla 2 features elitism, sadism, pity, lust and unspoken desires; helplessness, dominance, and altruism all rushing into a thrilling tale of interconnected lesbian encounters.

The controversial original, featuring the exploitation of a handicapped young girl and portrayed by a stunning cast of models, was originally going to be called Molesting Shyla.

“It’s amazing to me the kind of things that get popular,” Cybert said. “This is a movie about a young girl, confined to leg braces and crutches, who is teased by her classmates. As an act of hazing, they take sexual advantage of her and in doing so, release an unspoken Sapphic desire inside her, and inside them.”

Featuring coerced sex, older/younger lesbian seductions and breathless Dionysian group sex, the Poor Little Shyla franchise plays with your emotions far more than other more typical lesbian sex movies. specializes in this kind of intensity between the characters, and Poor Little Shyla 2 is its most daring and successful movie to date.