BROOKLYN, N.Y.—The BurningAngel Network has announced that BurningAngel sex kitten Misti Dawn has launched her own site, .

Due to Misti’s overwhelming popularity on and in the alternative community, it was considered a natural evolution for Misti to begin producing her own content, managing her own site and communicating with her fans. The site displays truly unique amateur boy/girl and girl/girl solo video content, in addition to amateur and professional photo content. Photos and videos will be updated weekly along with her blog, but the massively exciting part of Misti’s website is the 24-hour house cams—one in the shower, one in the bedroom, so fans can always see what’s up or in Misti—all day/night long.

“I can’t believe how awesome my fans are,” said Misti Dawn. “These 24-hour web cams are phenomenal. My rooms are packed and I just launched I am so excited to finally have my own site to express who I really am. I love all things nerdy, obviously, which covers everything from video games to D&D but above all others, I love exploring my sexuality and preferably with others.

“On my site I have decided to really show my real life to my fans with a 24-hour webcam and exclusive videos of my real sex life as is happens be it with myself or others,” Misti Dawn explained. “BurningAngel gave me the platform to explore this part of myself so I have always had a soft spot in my heart for them—what better group of people to collaborate with me on my solo site. I feel like together it’s a real partnership and we have like-minded goals—porn and fun! I hope everyone enjoys all the work we have put in to the site together.”

In addition to Misti Dawn’s website being directly linked to, fans also can enjoy Misti’s experiences through her . Membership to grants access to all the other websites on the network, including BurningAngelcom,, and many more.

“I think this website will be tremendously successful," said founder and owner Joanna Angel. “Misti has a very loyal fan base that keeps growing, and I think they will all really enjoy having a dedicated place to see what and who she is doing. This is the first website BurningAngel is doing for someone else, and I think it's a great way to expand the company.”

Staying true to format with other BurningAngel sites, contains her bio, pictures, videos, chat, webcam, interactive community, forum, comments section, ratings options, appearances, favorite sites links and store icon options.

Interested affiliates can find more information at .