Tattooed adult starlet Joanna Angel—founder of the popular site and recent winner of ’s “Babe in Chief” election poll—has launched her first vanity site.

A solo-girl site at heart, ups the ante by offering more exclusive content and free interactive items, including electronic postcards, screensavers, wallpapers, an events calendar, and an “Ask Joanna” column. Additionally, fans will be able to post questions for Joanna in free forums included on the site, which will be managed solely by Angel.

Angel told she hopes to use the site to “get to know my fans a little bit better,” adding that “I’m gonna do my best to pay as much attention to everyone as possible.”

According to Angel, the site has been long in the making. “It’s something I wanted to do for a while; I just wanted to gather enough content before I launched,” she said, adding that the new site will enable her to keep the amateur-themed BurningAngel site “genuine.” “I’m no veteran, but I’m definitely not an amateur anymore,” she said. “So, while I will still be the voice of and I am still running the site, I thought it would be better for BurningAngel [if] videos and photos of me were posted elsewhere.

“ is all Joanna, all the time,” Angel added, citing not only the X-rated content, but also “around-the-house” scenes as part of its draw. “There are hardcore sex videos on there, but there are also a lot of clips of me cooking naked, working on my website naked, washing my car, doing my laundry, etc. It’s sort of like me inviting all my fans to stalk me.

“This will be the first time my fans get to see the real behind-the-scenes Joanna,” she continued. “It’s the next best thing to carrying me around in your pocket all day.”