Joanna Angel Appears on G4 TV’s Attack of the Show Tonight

LOS ANGELES—Joanna Angel is not afraid to give the viewers of Attack of the Show her opinion on the newest horror releases from around the world. From Saw 3D to the latest from Japan’s masterminds, the punk rock porn princess and G4 will make sure you are plied with all the info you need about movies that are made to scare your bloody brains out, when she appears on G4TV in-person tonight, Oct. 29, at 7pm on both coasts.

G4’s Attack of the Show takes viewers inside, underneath, around and behind the latest tech, games, up-to-the-minute, next big thing in internet culture, comic books, sports, pop culture, gadgets and more. G4’s cheeky interactive daily live trip to the digital water cooler, AOTS reports on the latest topics and breaking news of interest, delivers non-mainstream guests and presents behind-the-scenes sneak peeks at special events.

Comprised of segments that explore everything from serious tech news to the most outrageous and outlandish characters on the internet, segments like the Loop, Around the Net, Hottest Women of the Web, the Feed and more, deliver the kind of off-beat, interesting content that appeals to today’s sophisticated and discerning males. In addition to regular segments, AOTS produces exclusive, in-depth coverage of some of the biggest events and convention such as Comic Con, CES, Adult Entertainment Expo and SXSW.

Other notable guests who have recently appeared include James Cameron, JJ Abrams, the cast of Jackass, Isaiah ‘Old Spice Guy’ Mustafa and many more. Attack of the Show is where sophisticated guys get their news and where mainstream media goes to find out what’s hot, what’s hip and what’s soon to be talked about by everyone younger than them.

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