Girlfriends Films Brings On Jim Koshak as Web Developer

RESEDA, Calif. — Former Hewlett Packard employee Jim Koshak has taken command of shaping all-girl studio , aiming to make it a more interactive, dynamic destination for fans.

"We just added a chat room to our forum," Koshak told AVN. "We're going to set up a timeframe so that the fans can actually talk to the girls … say like, Autumn's going to be on the chat room Friday at 10. Then people know Friday at 10, they can go in there and IM with whoever happens to be the girl of the evening on there."

Speaking of Autumn — or Autumn Moon, to be exact — the frequent performer and now legal assistant for Girlfriends happens to be Koshak's wife and, naturally, who got him connected with the company.

"Autumn came down and did some things with [Girlfriends] and some of the girls, and we built a good friendship with Dan [O'Connell, the company's president]," Koshak explained. "And then we were talking about the web page, and I said, 'Well I could probably fix that up for you,' and it got to the point where he could have me full them doing that, and he moved us down here."

Koshak said his new position with Girlfriends is far preferable to working for HP (as one could only imagine). "This is like a dream job," he laughed. "At HP, you're a cog in the wheel, and they make no bones about letting you know it. I'm kind of an animated person, I don't do well in that environment, but you do what you do to get the background. My real background is building custom cars, that's what I love. But I've been doing computers since when it was DOS and Mac."

To check out Koshak's new improvements to Girlfriends' web presence as they're added, go to .