Topco Sees Surge in Sales of Bree Olson Sex Toys

CHATSWORTH, Calif.Leading sex toy manufacturer Topco Sales is seeing a huge increase in demand for the Bree Olson line of sex toys due to the recent surge in media coverage of her new housemate, Charlie Sheen. The sex goddess has an entire line of sex toys available, many of which were molded directly from the porn star's body.

"The Bree Olson line of toys has always been popular here at Topco Sales," explained Desiree Duffie, Director of Marketing and Public Relations. "The recent Charlie Sheen exposure has put sales through the roof."

There are 15 products in the expanding line of Bree Olson products. Some of the most popular include a in the popular doggy style position and a full-sized . Handheld strokers of her lady parts are also top-sellers. There is one made of her and one of her . Additionally her is also high on the list.

"I am blown away by the detail on these toys,” exclaimed Bree. “I'd totally do me!"

"The replica Bree Olson pieces were molded from the sex goddess' body," said Vanessa Pellegrini, Director of Product Development for Topco Sales. "Almost every part of Bree Olson's body was molded to make various kinds of CyberSkin toys. CyberSkin is the material we use to make the toys feel amazingly realistic. We've even made replicas of and breasts. Since the sex toys are molded directly from her body, guys actually can feel what it's like to be Charlie Sheen!"

The internet is rampant with news of the threesome lifestyle Bree Olson and Natalie Kenly are now sharing with Sheen. , , , and so many others are reporting on the story. A popular retailer, Castle Megastore, is even hosting a contest to from Topco Sales.

"Charlie Sheen's infatuation with Bree is obvious,” said Duffie. “Though we can't guarantee you'll have tiger blood coursing through your veins or feel like an Adonis with Bree Olson toys, I know for sure they won't melt anyone's face!"

Pellegrini added, "Topco Sales is looking at increasing production of the popular toys to meet demand. We see a lot of savvy customers stocking up on the Bree Olson line to satisfy consumer need and we want to meet that need."

As a manufacturer Topco Sales does not sell direct to the public. However, the products are available from many adult shops and online stores.

The complete line of Bree Olson toys can be seen on the Topco Sales .

Photo: Bree Olson (with cell phone handy) and friends, Courtesy Topco Sales