Shane’s World Toys, Rachel Roxx Join #CocksNotGlocks at UT

AUSTIN, Texas—As students return to class at the University of Texas Austin, for the first time they will set foot on a campus where students and faculty can carry concealed weapons. As a sign of protest, UT graduate Jessica Jin organized a protest, #CocksNotGlocks.

Several industry companies made the decision to participate in the protest, where students and others could carry dildos, vibrators and more instead of guns. Among those who headed deep into the heart of Texas are Shane’s World toys and performer Rachel Roxx.

“When we heard what Cocks Not Glocks was planning, we knew that Shane's World Toys had to be a part of it,” said Shane's World Toys co-owner Brian Grant. “We support the message of the movement and applaud their efforts. We also know that college students love and use our toys. What better place to show up and support them.”

The Campus Carry Law, which took effect Aug. 1, allows license holders to carry concealed handguns at UT Austin and other public universities. Standing with the majority of students who oppose having guns in their classrooms, Shane's World Toys once again showed support for this important movement.

Students opposed to the new law engaged in a massive anti-gun rally on the day before classes begin. The Cocks Not Glocks movement strongly opposes a policy that allows students bring guns to class without penalty, but may discipline those who openly carry sex toys. In addition to the peaceful rally, they plan to express their disapproval by strapping big swinging dildos to their backpacks.

Shane's World Toys sent sexy adult starlet Rachel Roxx down to Austin with boxes of sex toys and stickers to help students spread the word. Rachel joined the CNG protesters and spread a little love and a lot of sexual awareness. A strong supporter of the movement from the beginning, Shane's World Toys and distributor CalExotics were happy to pass out toys from their award-winning line to excited students.

“It is more than a little ridiculous that a student can walk around campus with a loaded gun, but will face disciplinary action if they openly display a sex toy,” said Shane's World Toys co-owner Jennie Grant. “We don’t find sexual health to be obscene. If anything is obscene it is a device designed to take life not one designed to give pleasure. Besides when is that last time you heard about someone committing an act of mass violence with a vibrator.”

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