New Guccione Collection Auction, 'Cheeks,' to Begin Dec. 8

NEW YORK CITY—The , which claims to bring "the high-quality erotica you stole from your dad's sock drawer back to the masses," is holding an auction of Guccione's photos and collectibles, titled "," which the collection's overseers describe as "a naughty exploration into one of the sexiest parts of a woman's body: her behind."

The Guccione Collection is an evolving testament to the legacy of Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione, and the period of American culture to which he contributed. Guccione was, to many admirers, a visionary, advancing the fields of publishing, journalism, First Amendment rights, futurism, fine arts, photography and more. The Guccione Collection is devoted to illuminating all the varied corners of Guccione’s legacy, and their impact on the past, present and future.

A few items out of the 100 lots offered in the latest auction include:

Lot # 11: Erotic Nude Jane Hargrave 4x5 B/W Negative 1970s
Lot # 44: Nude Erotic 35mm Slide Angela Nicholas by Bob Guccione
Lot #47: Nude Erotic 35mm Slide Corinne Alphen by Bob Guccione

It has also been announced that the images found in the auction will be published in the first ever Guccione Collection book early in 2014, titled Cheeks.

The auction starts on December 8, 10 a.m. EST, but all 100 lots are currently viewable and pre-bidding has begun.

For more information, email the Guccione Collection here.

Pictured: Angela Nicholas of Lot #44