Kink Community Comes Out for Stockroom Moving Sale

LOS ANGELES—Sunset Boulevard-based Stockroom is getting ready to move its multi-use retail/wholesale/manufacturing location in Silver Lake in the next few weeks to head to downtown Los Angeles. In preparation, the Stockroom team opted for the best way to lighten the load: Have a Moving Sale, of course!

Several VIPs from the local BDSM/kink community came to an invitation-only sneak peek evening at the Stockroom on Friday, the night before the weekend-long Moving Sale, which was been promoted through the Stockroom website, retail store, and other venues.

“Rummage sales are something that bring the community together,” Retail Manager Kara Emery says. “They’re an opportunity for people to shop and try stuff out together, as well as to fill their toy bags with things they might not usually be able to afford. A lot of people have used the Rummage Sales to try things for the first time, whether it’s their first corset or venturing into electrosex by buying a Neon Wand on discount.”

Prices for everything was reduced (on top of their rummage sale prices) except for their own brand, KinkLab, which had already been significantly discounted for the sale. “We’re just trimming down the quantity of our KinkLab line because there’s just too much to move!” Kara shared. “We get to sell our overstock of not only KinkLab, but other lines as well.”

Indeed they do. Shanks of different colored cotton rope for only $4. Fleet Enemas $2, anyone? How about a vaginal speculum for a mere $3 and pretty much any probing device you need for those all important “Let’s Play Doctor!” scenes? Blindfolds galore, handcuffs without keys (for the ultimate mind fuck), cupping kits, cock rings and restraints to keep everyone entertained were just some of the products offered at near-giveaway prices.

And it doesn’t stop there. Stockroom boasts their own Syren line of latex clothes and many styles of sultry latex were deeply discounted for the sale. Many of the designs are one-offs, custom made for buyers or just the whims of their in-house latex designer. Customers Rain and Michael scored a school bus yellow Syren latex dress for far below its normal retail price. “I even got the chance to try it on!” squealed Rain. “It fit perfectly!” And she was thrilled that she got to save some serious greenbacks during the sale, too.

“I’m still a butt novice,” stated one longtime customer in the scene, but it certainly didn’t stop her from picking up a few nicely shaped beginner anal toys. “At this price, I just can’t pass them up!” she cheerfully added. “I love Stockroom’s Rummage/Moving Sales because I get to fondle dildos, check out enema kits, look closely at ball gags, and not only that, I get to see my kink friends in the community on this special, preview evening the night before their big moving sale.”

Another dedicated Stockroom buying couple, who run the website, said, “We never miss a Rummage/Moving Sale here at the Stockroom. We’ve done a few VIP events and they’re fun. I have my sights on the large Stockroom vinyl banners which would look fantastic in my house. But what we’re known for is our fundraising efforts within the community. We rescue animals and donate the money to rescue organizations.” Run by Naughty Hotty, the group buys discounted kink products then auctions them through their website, donating all of the money to pets in need. “People don’t know what the kink community is all about. We are a giving and loving community and I want the vanilla world to know that. The Rummage Sales let us pick up new product at deeply discounted prices which helps both Stockroom and our cause so it’s a win/win for all of us.”

About 40 specially invited guests circulated through the evening event. And the next two days were filled with countless bargain seekers who were entertained by an in-house bootblack, leather repairer, special presentations from Stockroom University instructors and many other treats that kept the pace lively and entertaining.

Stay tuned for the announcement as to where the new location will be. I can hardly wait!