German Porn Star Natalie Hot Battles Court Sanction of Noisy Cam Show

MUNICH, Germany—German porn star Natalie Hot challenged a court ruling that she is prohibited from moaning too loudly while doing live cam shows from her home.

According to a Daily Mail report, Hot was given the ban in a Munich court after complaints from neighbors that said she was disturbing the peace with her naughty performances.

Hot claims the ruling meant she can no longer work from home, creating a local buzz in the small town of Ampfing, where she lives with her husband and another female performer, the report says.

The story said Hot is currently shooting her movies at alternative locations in Germany, but she does not want to be prevented from camming at home.

Other residents have been documenting what Daily Mail reported was "increased traffic density" in front of Hot's home. Meanwhile, the 23-year-old performer has offered to host a swingers' party there in an effort to make amends.

The court maintained Hot was conducting a business, which conflicts with the residential nature of the property in which she was living, the story said, upholding the sanction.

Hot's husband Christian Lehle remarked, "Let's see what the community will think when they see a full-size naked photo of Natalie printed on our car."