‘Do it on A Bunny’ Video Campaign Debuts From Motorbunny

LOS ANGELES— has released the second video in its new safe-for-work video campaign, “Do it on a Bunny.”

The “Do it on a Bunny: Christmas Edition” video features model Johannie Valdés, a sexy brunette who builds a gingerbread house while riding the Motorbunny. As the camera rolls, Valdes does her best to construct the delicious dessert while an off-camera assistant adjusts “twirl” and “buzz” intensities of the Motorbunny for her pleasure.

The campaign features popular models attempting creative activities while riding atop a Motorbunny. To view this recent installment, click .

“Motorbunny is all about enhancing sexually creative experiences,” said Craig Mewbourne, CMO of Motorbunny. “We wanted to create a series which would be relatable to a mainstream audience and would really echo the sentiments of the brand. It’s fun, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and it opens up new opportunities for self-expression and creativity. We are very pleased with the feedback we’ve received so far and are looking forward to future episodes that show just how creative we can get.”

“Do it on a Bunny: Christmas Edition” follows the popular “Do it on a Bunny: Thanksgiving Day Edition,” which premiered last month, featuring model @ItsTorro, which is available . Subscribe to the for immediate access to new videos by clicking here.

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