Adult Novelty Chain Priscilla's Changes Name to Cirilla's

MUNCIE, Ind. - Adult novelty chain Priscilla's will now be known nationwide as Cirilla's. The store name change follows a conflict with a company that had a similar Internet domain name, a Cirilla's company spokesperson confirmed yesterday.

The chain has 58-shops across the states and has already changed names in Kentucky and Indiana. Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, and Kansas will be next to take on the new name.

"We were in a dilemma where we were rapidly expanding all the way across the country and there were certain restrictions on the name Priscilla," said Jeff Ray, director for the state of Indiana for Cirilla's. "We couldn't move into some areas and couldn't get on the Internet because it's already trademarked."

Ray acknowledged that Cirilla's might be an unusual choice and could take some time to get used to.

"I've had some people think the sign was just damaged, and we have had a lot of bad weather," he said. "I've been surprised how many people walk into the store and ask if we've been bought out. And I still drive up and wonder if I'm at the right store."

The Cirilla's Web site will be launching in the coming weeks, Ray said.