Vixen Harnesses a Goodfella

SAN FRANCISCO - Since 1992, has been manufacturing high-quality, made-from-scratch silicone toys made with the exclusive VixSkin formula. This woman-owned business has now released the Goodfella, a dildo with realistic 3d balls that fits snugly into a variety of harnesses.

"We base a lot of our designs on customer feedback. Many people were asking for a realistic-feeling dildo where the balls are 3D. That's where Gina [Rodriguez, designer] took it to the next level. She created a back end base to make sure the balls hang in the front. It's the most popular we toy have out tight now," Denise Corona, company press representative, told ANB. "The VixSkin fits particularly well with the Spare Parts harness. The soft, spandex material complements the VixSkin well, but you just have to see it."

Corona added, "We're known for VixSkin. We released it about three years ago. We've never been a company dealt that has dealt with distributors; it's been word of mouth. Boutiques like us. Silicone a little more pricey, but once they see the product, they can't deny the quality."

Selling points for the Goodfella are that it's made of the safest, phthalate-free, non-toxic 100 percent premium silicone; it's durable, it warms and retains body heat; it can be cleaned with soap and water or sterilized by boiling for three minutes; the base is non-slip; the inner core is solid; and it is handcrafted and designed by Vixen Creations staff at its studio in San Francisco.

The company was founded by owner Marilyn Bishara, who had worked for at a time when silicone was new. Companies were having a hard time filling orders for silicone products, so Bishara started doing it herself. She started experimenting with silicone, making dildos in her kitchen. She then sold them through Good Vibrations, who have displayed them at trade shows ever since. Vixen grew, and Bishara eventually left Good Vibes, Corona told ANB.

The Goodfella is one of seven realistic dildos in the line. The company also manufactures four non-realistic dildos. Please email [email protected] for more information.