The Screaming O Rock On Shots Get Trendy With Sex-ification Makeover

LOS ANGELES—The Screaming O has unleashed its Rock On Sexy Elixirs and Pills with a new virile vengeance following an image makeover that has given the sexual enhancers an even hotter look. TV’s The Bad Girls Club doesn’t call it Horny Juice for nothing!

Both the Rock On Sexy Elixirs and Rock On Pills have donned the new look, designed with eye-catching colors that pop off of the shelf and truly represent the fun, hip and—of course—sexy mood that the two formulas bring out in every user.

“We spent a good amount of time vamping and revamping the box, bottle and blister-pack designs, making little tweaks until we reached a final draft that truly represented what Rock On is all about,” The Screaming O partner Keith Caggiano said. “Each formula is distinct in its ingredients and benefits, and the packaging now clearly defines the differences. Plus we wanted the products to look at great on the outside as they work on the inside.”

Rock On For Her is an incredible sexual elixir formulated specifically for women, featuring all-natural herbal ingredients each with a different pleasure purpose. Herbal aphrodisiacs including horny goat weed increase sexual desire and libido, getting her in the zone and ready for some action. Guarana and caffeine boost energy, while ginkgo biloba and St. John’s Wort calm and relax.

Rock On For Him is made with male potency in mind, featuring key herbal ingredients responsible for stamina strength performance enhancement. Plus, Rock On For Him in liquid form is one of the few on the market that doesn’t use yohimbe. With guarana and caffeine for an energy boost, horny goat weed as a natural aphrodisiac and herbal extracts for blood flow and erectile function, Rock On For Him gets his motor running and his head in the game.

“The Screaming O has helped men and women everywhere Rock On Sexy with every shot, pill and Rock On cocktail, and customers have responded well to the new younger, cooler look,” Caggiano said. “The products look brighter and bolder and truly make merchandising displays pop, leaving a stellar impression on the shopper—which is what The Screaming O’s all about.”

Rock On most recently was named Horny Juice by the socially dysfunctional but always entertaining ladies of the Oxygen Network’s Bad Girls Club, following an all-night bender that involved several Sexy Elixirs and plenty of girl-on-girl action.

Thanks to a stocked house with Screaming O sexcessories including Rock On Sexy Enhancement, the ladies of the Bad Girls house had a source of mood-boosting fun and mind-blowing arousal at their fingertips, and lucky for them it tastes great with vodka.

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Rock On’s stylish new packaging is now available in both Sexy Elixir Shots single-serving bottles and his-and-hers dual packs, and Rock On Pills blister packs for him and her. Using bright magenta and bold blue colors, it’s even easier to distinguish between the male and female formulas and boosts sales even higher.

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