Goes Nuts With Ballz Gag

LOS ANGELES — Stockroom, a leading online marketer of fetish gear, has unveiled Ballz Gag, a patent-pending bondage device that carries sexual fetish play to a new level of intimacy.

The Ballz Gag — which was previewed by Stockroom at the expo in Chicago this past Memorial Day weekend — is now officially available on the main retail site, as well as on Stockroom’s men’s site, .

The current version is made entirely of soft, sturdy leather, but easy-clean, shower-safe synthetic and latex versions are slated for release in the near future.

The device locks the wearer’s testicles in his partner’s mouth. A soft but sturdy leather ballstretcher, which goes on and adjusts easily with snaps, pulls the wearer’s scrotum away from his body so the testicles form a tidy package that is then placed in the mouth of his partner. The receiving partner is then held in place by a leather strap that fastens around the back of his or her head. The proximity and angle of the receiving partner’s head position can be controlled by adjusting the buckle, which can also be padlocked through the tongue for extra security.

The Ballz Gag was invented by Joel Tucker, the founder and chairman of Tucker realized that while gags have long been utilized in BDSM play, there were none on the market that use a human appendage or any part of a human body as the gag mouthpiece.

“This invention came to me in a flash one day during what was supposed to be doing my morning meditation,” Tucker said. “I see it as a combination of a just a funny idea, a joke almost, and a genuinely effective and interesting way to put a slave in his or her place, and keep them there. I originally imagined it having appeal to female dominants that like the idea of ‘forced bi’ situations, but obviously it has potential uses for male dominants as well, whether they are gay or straight or in between. When I describe the device to people they’ll often look at me in wonder and say something like, ‘Wow. That’s ... pervy.’

“The Ballz Gag is highly unique in that it forces your partner to pleasure you because he or she can’t get away,” he continued.

But another unique feature of this unusual new toy is the delicate balance of power it interposes between wearer and receiver alike. As Tucker warned, “Don’t think that you are in complete control! If your partner decides to pull away in any direction, the ball stretcher grows tighter around you.”

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