Fleshlight Partners With Flirt4Free to Mold Top Webcam Models

AUSTIN, Texas—Fleshlight, makers of some of the most popular masturbation items for men, has inked an exclusive deal with live cam network Flirt4Free to feature their top webcam performers with personalized molds.

“We are delighted to be working with Flirt4Free and within the live cams sector,” said Brian Shubin, Fleshlight’s Chief Operating Officer. “In my opinion, cam girls/guys are the biggest entertainers in our industry.”

In January 2015 the very first Cam Stars were announced following a three month long contest that was part of Flirt4Free’s annual Flirt of the Year contest. Voters were able to vote daily for their favorite model resulting in fierce competition for the Fleshlight Mold prize.

“We wanted to get users involved on helping determine the first Fleshlight Cam Star to really have the models users are most interested in buying a mold of,” Flirt4Free Brand Manager Jamie Rodriguez shared. “The models who won truly are cam models who are well-rounded and widely appreciated across the site.”

The female Fleshlight Viewer’s Choice winner is Cherry Devivre, a sexy brunette from Canada who won in her first year on Flirt4Free —an impressive achievement for a model without the years of experience and built up customer base some of her competitors had. Cherry shared her thoughts on how she accomplished the win. “Being a web cam model has opened tremendous opportunities for me. In less than a year time I’ve already gained my own online audience and become one of the Top Flirt4Free Models,” she said. “The key success in this business I found in being able to provide your fans with the most exclusive experience and show them your true self. I never faked my feelings or pretend to be someone I’m not, and I think this is what people find attractive the most.”

On the guy’s side of the site, American Jake Orion was the Fleshjack Viewer’s Choice winner. Jake pushed hard for three months straight to secure his first place finish. When Jake went to the Fleshlight Ranch in Texas for his in-person molding photo shoot he wasn’t sure what to expect.

“Texas was great. Honestly had doubts about going at first, not knowing my comfort level of the situation. I was treated with the utmost respect and I as well returned the favor,” Jake Orion said. “It was a very professional experience and I would be happy to go back. It's an honor to be the first cam star ever and really hoping for the success on my product. Not only is it the company’s job to advertise the product, but mine as well.”

Cherry Devivre also has a great deal of excitement over the big honor of being a Fleshlight Cam Star.

“Ever since I started broadcasting I have never regretted the decision I made leaving the corporate world. And I could have never imagined that I would receive such an amazing reward as being nominated for the First Ever Fleshlight Cam Star,” she said. “I can’t describe how happy and grateful I am to all my fans for getting me here. I often think of an expression ‘being in the right time at the right place.’ Out of all the web cam sites out there Flirt4Free is definitely the most unique and trustworthy. And it’s a truly an honor to be part of their team!”

Flirt4Free and Fleshlight plan on announcing four more girls and four more guys to add to the line of Cam Star molds over the next few months, and having the selling of the molds fully integrated into Flirt4Free so customers can purchase the Fleshlight mold of the same model they’re chatting with without leaving the site.

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