UK Escorting Site Fuber To Offer App For Clients, Escorts

LONDON, UK—Fuber, the UK escorting site, began offering its services to the European community less than a year ago, and now, thanks to modern technology, the company will even have a mobile app ready sometime this Spring through which escorts and clients can come together for mutual enjoyment.

According to Fuber legend, "a long time ago," an ex-independent escort, a client and a masseuse came together, with hopes and dreams of designing the best platform possible for adult workers.

"Over the years, we’ve met some incredible people and had a lot of naughty fun, all thanks to independent escorting," a company spokesperson stated. "We’ve also had our time wasted and had bookings leave a bad taste in our mouth (not in that way). From our personal experiences, network of friends with their feedback and some hard graft, we’ve developed Fuber, 'where pay meets play,' to address these issues and raise the game of adult work in the UK. Our focus is to be the most efficient, easy to use and safest connector of independent escorts and clients."

The company has what it calls its "Three Aims for UK Independent Escorting":
• Make the industry safer
• Connect escorts and client quicker
• Have a whole lot of fun

On Fuber, escorts can list their services for free, with discreet, friendly and easy registration.

"We’re determined to improve the way the industry works whilst removing the stigma around adult work in the UK," the spokesperson added. "We want our users to be in complete control of their business and we want to protect the members of the Fuber community to the utmost of our ability so everyone can focus on having fun. It will take time, it will take energy and it will take a whole heap of passion in our pants but we’re here for the change and we’ve only just begun.

"We will not tolerate any trolling, behavior or language associated with mal intent or disrespect from one user to another," the spokesperson warned. "Our blogs will vary but the focus will be on having fun. We’re always open to topics you would like us to explore, people to interview or feedback on ways to improve. We are your personal concierge and confidant on all things sexy."

Fuber also offers an "Escort's Guide To Escorting" , and a blog .