TMZ: Lisa Ann Files Restraining Order Against Nikki Benz

LOS ANGELES—The recent war of words between adult superstars Lisa Ann and Nikki Benz took a turn for the litigious Friday when Ann filed a restraining order against Benz in Los Angeles, according to celebrity gossip outlet TMZ.

Ann's court documents claim that Benz attacked her via Twitter beginning in December and continuing into January, and "incited her more than 700,000 followers to do the same ... 'enouraging and rewarding' those who made threats on [Ann's] business and her safety," TMZ reports.

The story goes on to say that the threats—including one that she would be raped and killed unless she depostied money into an account—"became so violent and frequent ... she couldn't go to the AVN Awards to accept her Lifetime Achievement Award."

[Ed. note: No such award was slated to be presented to Lisa Ann at this year's ceremony; she was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2009.]

After TMZ posted this news Friday evening, Benz took to to issue the following retort: "Disgusted and disappointed by Lisa Ann's lies and actions. We ALL KNOW SHE VERBALLY ATTACKED ME on Twitter. I want nothing to do with her. ... Just to make it CLEAR, no I NEVER threatened Lisa Ann. Her lies are amusing and criminal. Lisa, why are u so obsessed with me? ... I said it before and I'll say it again, you're unhealthily obsessed with me Lisa Ann. See you in court."

A court hearing is scheduled for next month, the TMZ story states. Ann's restraining order commands Benz to remain at least 100 yards away.