Performer Nichole Heiress Busted for Ad

SHEFFIELD LAKE, Ohio—Nichole Heiress, an adult performer with 32 credits listed on for the years 2007-2011, was reportedly arrested by local undercover officers after allegedly putting an ad on for sexual services in return for money. The local ABC News affiliate said police were tipped off to the ad, which was placed by a 24-year-old named Paige but which led them to Heiress' Sheffield Lake, Ohio home.

"She was advertising to 'come play with a playboy bunny.' She gave her physical description as 5'4", 100 pounds, with blonde hair, blue eyes and tan skin," Sheffield Lake Detective Shawn Coor, who added, "Through several e-mails with an undercover officer, she did solicit sexual favors for the amount of $300."

An undercover officer was dispatched to the house, and once money changed hands, Heiress was arrested. A search of the internet informed authorities that the woman had worked as a performer in the adult industry.

The local news report used the connection to revive the sex trafficking issue, and to also remind readers that Sheffield Lake police will now be "paying attention" to ads, especially if they're in the "adults" sections. Apparently, some tipster beat them to it, which is something Nichole Heiress probably wishes she had considered before placing an online solicitation that led to her small-town Ohio home.