LAFD Investigating Another Brazzers Public Shoot

LOS ANGELES—The Los Angeles Fire Department has initiated an investigation into an adult video shoot, the footage of which was posted on the Brazzers website.

In a letter obtained by AVN that was sent to adult star by Linda Cessor of the LAFD’s Professional Standards Division, the department requested to interview Milano regarding an shoot that took place two summers ago.

The letter says that the department “is currently investigating a matter surrounding a video, which was taped on Melrose Avenue, in Los Angeles. You may be a witness and your assistance in the matter is respectfully requested.”

In the video Milano can be seen strolling down a bustling Melrose Avenue selectively exposing herself. As she’s walking, an LAFD firetruck from Engine Co. 41 in Hollywood rolls by. One of the firefighters asks to see Milano’s ass as the truck passes, and she complies. There’s a little more light banter as the truck pulls away.

Milano told AVN that the shoot was not pre-planned and that the firefighters had no prior knowledge of it. She was not touched by any of the firefighters, nor did any leave the truck to interact with her. She did not board or touch the fire truck either.

Milano said that she will cooperate with the investigation and hopes to clear the firefighters “because they didn’t do anything. It wasn’t planned, and I didn’t want them to get in trouble,” she said.

To view a clip from the scene on Milano’s website, .

"I am not sure what point the LA Fire Department has reached in their investigation. However, should they require our assistance at any point, Brazzers will be happy to comply fully and completely," a spokesperson for Manwin, Brazzers' parent company, told AVN.

This is not the first time the Brazzers website has gotten into hot water and been the subject of an investigation by the city. In July, an L.A. traffic officer after appearing in a public shoot that featured Kylee Reese.

Earlier this month, the LAFD started an investigation into another shoot in which adult star Charley Chase poses on a fire truck parked in Venice Beach. Even L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa commented on the investigation. “It does cause me concern that a film of that type would be filmed anywhere close to city property. It’s unacceptable,” he said.

Chase also asserts that the firefighters had no prior knowledge of the shoot in which they did not participate and were not otherwise involved. However, unlike Milano’s extremely brief encounter, these firefighters from Venice Station 63 watched from a distance as Chase mounted and posed next to the truck while exposing herself.

Local news reports, however, claim that the firefighters were directly involved and even moved the truck to a better location so it could be more easily accessed by the film crew.

“The video alleges the Fire Department was directly involved—though anything having to do with filming goes through my office, and I can speak first and that any permit or permission was not granted or filed in our office,” LAFD spokesperson Capt. Jaime Moore said.