Brazzers, Sara Jay Duel Over Blog

LOS ANGELES—Adult performer and ' battle over the website has come to an end. The parties' contentious fight leaves both sides claiming victory.

Jay sued Brazzers, saying it had set up the blog through an affiliate with the purpose of impersonating her and "stealing traffic."

Brazzers has vigorously denied this, with Brazzers director of communications and marketing Kate Miller telling AVN today that it "never owned, operated, nor was involved in the registration or management of"

Jay, in a statement, claims she "sued because there was a blog out there purporting to be my official blog which sent all the traffic—and sales—to Brazzers. Needless to say, I take any attempt to use my name to make money of my name very seriously. We won at the trial court and court of appeal levels."

Miller denied Jay's version of events, calling it "completely incorrect. To the contrary, this case never went to court, or trial, and consequently never made [it] to the Court of Appeal. The case was withdrawn and dismissed by Sara Jay before trial."

Jay continued: "However, with the blog now gone and Brazzers agreeing it would not stand in the way of me getting back the url, settling made sense. We were both incurring massive amounts of time, legal expenses and costs—time I could be spending shooting or on my career. I'd rather be on set having sex for my fans than in a court room. It was a bitter battle with Brazzers but it was better for both sides to resolve it."

After the case was filed, the blog site was taken down, but the legal battle continued, with Jay claiming Brazzers cited a model release as the permission it needed to use Jay's image on the blog. Jay also alleged Brazzers operated other sites in other performers' names.

"This is totally false and simply misleading," Miller said. "To the contrary, Manwin complies with all applicable national and international intellectual property laws and expects the same for any third party."

Brazzers insists that Jay received no monetary compensation as a resolution of the suit.

"Contrary to recent reports, Sara Jay did not succeed in any way, shape, or form in her lawsuit against Brazzers, concerning a site called," the company said in a statement. "In fact, after spending significant amounts on legal fees prosecuting what Brazzers maintained at all times was a frivolous action, Sara Jay did not receive a single amount, payment or money in settlement.

"Instead, Sara Jay abandoned her case and released all claims she conceivably had, in exchange for Brazzers’ agreement not to proceed with its pending motions for sanctions, or file claims for malicious prosecution against her and her attorney."