Avenatti Wants Lawsuit By Stormy Daniels’ Ex-Lawyer Thrown Out

LOS ANGELES—Stormy Daniels’ current attorney Michael Avenatti has dismissed as “frivolous” a lawsuit filed yesterday by Daniels’ previous attorney, Keith Davidson—a lawsuit that accuses Avenatti and Daniels of defaming him, according to .

The Davidson countersuit, filed Thursday evening in Los Angeles federal court, claims that rather than wanting to tell the public her story about a sexual encounter with Donald Trump in 2006, Daniels was seemingly determined to hang on to the $130,000 “hush money” payment she had received from Trump’s “fixer” Michael Cohen in exchange for her silence.

"Suffice to say, since [Ms. Daniels] has begun working with Mr. Avenatti, her goals have transformed,” Davidson claimed in the court filings. He also said in the court papers that the claim in Daniels' suit against him that he acted as a “puppet” for Trump is an “outrageously false and historically revisionist statement which will not and cannot be proven true at any point.”

He claims that Avenatti and Daniels have damaged his reputation with a series of “reckless and false claims.”

But Avenatti, in a statement to CNN, shrugged off Davidson’s allegations.

"We look forward to having his frivolous claims thrown out of court," Avenatti said—and then, on Friday morning, Avenatti posted documents from the California State Bar Association in 2010 showing that Davidson had been suspended from practicing law for 90 days due to his mishandling of three cases. In two of those cases, Davidson represented alleged victims of medical malpractice.

Read those documents posted by Avenatti .

In on Wednesday after filing his lawsuit against Davidson, Avenatti said that the lawyer “should have been charged after his arrest for extortion not long ago. He is a disgrace to the profession.” Avenatti was referring to Davidson’s 2012 arrest by the FBI in connection with his alleged attempts to extract two payments of $150,000 each for a sexually explicit video of pro wrestling star Terry Bollea, aka Hulk Hogan.

Davidson was not charged after the arrest, for reasons that remain unclear, according to a report by the online magazine, .

Read Davidson’s Thursday court filings . Davidson appears to be acting as his own attorney in the countersuit against Avenatti and Daniels.

In Daniels’ lawsuit against Davidson, which included a transcript of a text message exchange between Davidson and Trump attorney Michael Cohen, Daniels says that the communications between Trump’s fixer and the lawyer were happening behind her back. But in Davidson’s countersuit, he claims that Daniels had “full knowledge” that he was talking to Cohen about her.

In April, Davidson gave a bizarre interview to CNN in which he claimed that “the whole truth” had not been revealed about the Daniels case—or regarding the case of Playboy centerfold model Karen McDougal, who has also claimed to have had a sexual affair with Trump.

McDougal received a $150,000 payment in exchange for silence, though the money was paid by the National Enquirer, which is owned by close Trump friend and supporter David Pecker. In her lawsuit, which she settled in April, McDougal also said that Davidson and Cohen conspired to set up the hush-money deal.

Photo of Keith Davidson via CNN screen capture