On the Set: Falcon Studios' HEAVEN TO HELL

The location, east of downtown Los Angeles, is a bondage nightclub just off the freeway that rents out as a porn soundstage. It’s a perfect choice for this most visually daring of Falcon Studios productions—director Chi Chi LaRue’s last for them—designed by Bradley Pickleseimer and conjuring up images of Fellini and Bergman (not Ingrid) at their most expressionistic. But it’s not only the art direction that makes this notable: Heaven to Hell is the first Falcon movie to use all of—and only—its stable of exclusive stars.

This is the final day of shooting. Today is the full-cast orgy and the thought of every Falcon exclusive getting in a big ball and fucking has me tingling with anticipation. “The story,” LaRue whispers in one of his quieter exchanges of the day, “is the reverse of Dark Angel that I did with Jenna—only with boys. Joe Sport is the Initiator. He fucks angels when they arrive in hell.”

When I arrive in hell, some of the men are still having elaborate makeup applied: horns, body shading, feathers. (Former porn star Spike paints intricate individual tattoos on the models every day.) The first shot of the day will be devil Dean Monroe’s soldiers (Josh Weston, Matthew Rush, Kane O’Farrell, Eric Rhodes) escorting wounded angel Brad Patton through the corridors of hell to Monroe’s throne room. The dark hallway is a maze of mirrors, candles, sheer fabric, and dead leaves. A special camera crane has been rented to track the actors’ progress from different heights and around corners. LaRue positions everyone, then runs the sequence several times. He and Pickleseimer are thrilled with each take—selecting the best one is either going to be very difficult or very easy.

Before the throne room orgy begins, LaRue gives the performers a pep talk that ends with, “I may not be able to bring everybody’s fantasy to life, but I’ll try.” Many of the performers have told LaRue who they’d like to have sex with, and now it’s up to him to attempt to coordinate what they want with what pairings will be the hottest for the movie. Then, “Everyone who’s ready to go, let’s go! Dean Monroe?” LaRue calls out. “He’s douching,” comes the reply. When Monroe comes to the set, LaRue places him on a purple sofa stroking Tristan Adonis’ hair. Roman Heart is positioned in a spherical metal cage blowing O’Farrell while, nearby, Rush blows Rhodes. “Action!” LaRue gazes intently at the monitor to see what the camera is picking up. He sends Colby Taylor in to lick Adonis’ asshole. Rush steps too close to the edge of the platform, loses his balance and tumbles off. Like a cat, though, he lands on his feet. “Cut! Are you okay?”

After several more tight focus shots, LaRue asks for a wide shot that shows everybody. “Kiss the Devil’s neck, Tristan. Good. Everybody’s on camera—keep going! Eric Rhodes, stand up. Put that cock in his face!” When LaRue asks who hasn’t sucked Brad Patton’s cock yet, all the crew’s hands shoot up. LaRue looks disdainfully at them and turns his attention back to the cast. O’Farrell is sent to suck Patton, then Weston replaces him, throating Patton’s monster. Wow!

O’Farrell is having horn problems: one of his keeps falling off his forehead. While that’s being glued back on, Taylor begins licking Heart’s asshole. This goes undetected at first, then LaRue gets a look and goes crazy. “This is so hot! Roll him back! Let’s see that hole! Spead that pink hole!” he urges in a voice that can be heard at City Hall, if not Santa Monica.

When it’s time for fucking, one of the tops is having wood problems so he’s switched out with another. With anal sex in high gear a production assistant scurries around, dodging the camera, squeezing out dollops of lube into outstretched hands, and finding a pillow for Patton whose knees are hurting from the carpet. There’s a quick break for makeup repair and then the final configuration is decided upon: a group on the stairs and Patton and Heart on the sofa. Heart hurls himself onto Patton’s cock, moaning and bouncing like crazy. Then LaRue asks if he can do it again with a hard-on. Everyone pauses and remains quiet while Heart steps aside to work up a full erection. That achieved, he re-impales himself on Patton’s bone and fucks like the devil, his hard cock bouncing magnificently with each thrust. After more anal and some dildo work, everyone gathers around Monroe and Patton and beats off. And it’s a wrap. Next stop, DVD. View the movie's terrific trailer at:

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