Marcelo Mastro Named 2008 AMG Brasilian of the Year

SAN FRANCISCO - over the weekend honored Marcelo Mastro with the title "2008 AMG Brasilian of the Year" at a club event in his hometown of Rio de Janeiro.

"Everyone always told me I had a nice cock, but I never thought it would take me this far," Mastro said as he accepted the award.

Mastro, 25, has appeared in three AMG Brasil titles, including the studio's newest release, Rio. In addition, he has been the subject of several photo spreads in U.S. magazines like Freshmen, Latin Inches and XXX Showcase.

AMG president Dennis Bell said Marcelo was a shoo-in for the award.

"Every year there's one performer who really stands out in our films, and this year it was Marcelo," Bell said. "I didn't even have to think about it. When the question came up during a meeting last month, we all knew who it was going to be. Marcelo has done a lot this year, and it's paid off for both him and the studio."

The studio's promotions manager, Christopher Trout, said interest in Mastro was immediate.

"I sent out a couple of pictures with the press release for his first film, Suruba: Agua, and within minutes I was buried under e-mails asking for more photos, interviews, even appearances," Trout said. "Once the movie was out showcasing his thick cock on the box cover, the fans started writing in. People can't get enough of this guy. And can you blame them? His dick looks like it should be registered as a lethal weapon."

While Mastro's star continues to rise stateside, he remains modest about his looks. In an interview that appears in the documentary-style release Rio, he played down the importance of an immaculate physique.

"I think that I am pretty normal," he said. "Many people ask me ‘You work out?' But, no, I just have a normal body.... There really doesn't exist the ideal man for me. The ideal man for me, dude, he doesn't need a gym body. He doesn't need to have everything in his life. For me, he just needs to be what I like."

Previous recipients of AMG's Brasilian of the Year title include 2008 GAYVN Award nominee Ricardo Onça in 2007 and the Carvalho twins, Caio and Carlos, in 2006.