Interview: Kent Larson, GAYVN Best Supporting Actor

The winner of the GAYVN Award for Best Supporting Actor as the tragically unfaithful lover in Dangerous Liaisons hasn’t made a movie for three months and has no immediate plans to. "I've been wanting to leave the industry for some time, but somehow kept falling back into it. I can now say that I'm in a wonderful relationship, and as for now I have no plans on returning. But the phones are ringing.”

They’ve been ringing ever since the shy Missouri native debuted in 2004’s A Current Affair.“A friend in it asked if I’d replace a fired actor. I was so naive I figured nobody outside of San Diego would see a San Diego movie. Then its director, Mike Donner, asked me to be in another.”

Before either was released, a photo emailed to Falcon got him into Chi Chi LaRue’s Kept and Longshot. “Chi Chi introduced me to Steve Scarborough of Hot House, and to Titan, where later on I got the opportunity to work with the Joe Gage in Mens Room: Bakersfield Station.

"After Longshot, Screw, and Screw 2 were released, I quit my job managing a store for a telecom company to make forty-five movies in two years, plus public appearances dancing and stripping across the country.”

He discusses some of the directors he’s worked with. “Mike Donner is so friendly and sensitive, he was the first to show me that the porn world wasn’t going to be the sleaze pit I’d expected. Chi Chi is the most fun and the loudest director I know. Scarborough is just plain awesome. Gage, of course, is the God of Porn — mellow, calm, respectful, polite about the actors. So is Wash West, who is utterly professional. Michael Lucas is incredibly demanding, and he ought to be.”

Now he’s getting to know himself, “a Missouri monogamist happy to be in a personal relationship and working as a personal trainer.” But good friends remain from the porn world. “If we have somebody over for dinner, it’s likely to be — wait, let me remember their porn names — Arpad Miklos, Kyle Lewis, and Bruce Beckham. Just friends.”