Cameron Marshall, Blake Riley Go Straight

LOS ANGELES - Director Chi Chi LaRue has wrapped his latest bisexual film, Shifting Gears, in which a number of exclusives "go straight."

Cameron Marshall and Blake Riley lead a male cast that also includes Wolf Hudson, Ryan Alexander, Cody Springs, Lee Stephens and Johnny Hazzard. The girls who convince the boys to try things their way are Shy Love, Brittany Amber, Krystal Kali and Lola.

Working inside a studio in California's San Fernando Valley - where temperatures sometimes exceeded 100 degrees Fahrenheit indoors during shooting - the cast and crew labored for three days to bring LaRue's vision to life. LaRue was pleased with the results.

"I'm beyond ecstatic to be working on another bisexual movie," the Channel 1 partner said. "It is such an underserved genre. I love it when I get to work with both boys and girls, but [Shifting Gears is] not completely limited to boy-girl action. I would say probably the biggest standout in this movie was Blake Riley, who has never been with a girl in his life. Blake fucks Shy and Brittany and also fucks the lovely Miss Amber while getting fucked by Ryan Chandler's big dick. Dee-lish!"

Riley was unapologetic about losing his heterosexual virginity.

"I fucked a girl, and I liked it," he said.

The movie's climactic scene (in more ways than one) comprised a bisexual orgy in which everyone was involved. LaRue said the scene required seven hours to commit to film.

Other scenes of note, he said included a hetero scene between Hudson and Lola and a "trade" scene that includes Hazzard and Marshall.

Shifting Gears is scheduled to be released in the fall.