Brent Corrigan’s ‘Ultra Fan’ Finale Now Live on

SAN FRANCISCO—NakedSword Originals announced today that the finale of its new online series, Ultra Fan, is now live and available to members of

The site, which bills itself as “the Netflix of Gay Porn,” reports that Ultra Fan is one of its most-watched original series. It’s been such an "ultra" hit for the studio that NakedSword is sending Falcon star Brent Corrigan to Sydney, Australia, for a tour to promote the movie at Mardi Gras, complete with a NakedSword Ultra Fan model contest, all kicking off next week.

Ultra Fan was written and directed by Falcon Studios exclusive Brent Corrigan. As the series has unfolded through many narrative twists, Corrigan has been blackmailed and forced to participate in a series of sexual undertakings to satisfy the perverse desires of a crazed “ultra fan” who wants the adult mega-star to return to the gay adult film industry. A series of orchestrated events go from mild to wild to downright dangerous (in the vein of a Black Mirror episode) all in an attempt to force Corrigan back into adult movies.

In the finale fans will see Brent Corrigan racing to the truck parked outside his house to rescue his trusted assistant, Jack Hunter. There his Ultra Fan is finally revealed—but the real revelation is the feelings that Brent has had for his assistant all along, which are expressed in a red-hot flip-fuck.

According to Corrigan, this new feature film is "the most intense and creative production I've ever done in adult media." Added Tim Valenti, president of Falcon Studios Group and the NakedSword network, "Brent Corrigan is a superstar in every sense of the word. Not only does he look better than ever, but he's also more creative than ever. Ultra Fan is a perfect example of that and he shines on every level."

The season finale and full movie are now playing only at Pictured above, from left, Brent Corrigan and Jack Hunter.

To find out more about Corrigan and his experiences in the industry, which formed the basis for a mainstream movie by James Franco, read this indepth article he penned that ran on