Raging Stallion Releases Andrew Rosen’s ‘Unloaded’

SAN FRANCISCO—GAYVN Hall of Fame director Andrew Rosen’s latest title for Raging Stallion Studios has released online. Shot on a set built to look like a 21st Century salvage yard, Unloaded is a dark, junkyard-themed flick that echoes Rosen’s previous film for the studio, The Trap. Both titles depict Rosen’s signature style of aggressive sex and unbridled passion.

Rosen cast Raging Stallion exclusives Austin Wilde, Antonio Biaggi and Ryan Patrick along with a group of supporting players in the new double-disc feature. Newcomer Christian Wilde also makes an appearance.

“The challenge for me was how to have a plot without having a plot,” Rosen said of the unscripted, all-sex film. “All the action takes place in one location. I needed to figure out who would show up there and why. I also needed to make sure that all four extended sex scenes were interesting even though the basic set did not change. [Fortunately] I was able to work with lighting to have daylight and nighttime scenes.”

Rosen is known for his focus on how actors interact on film.

“When paring up scene partners, you never know if the actors will have chemistry,” he said. “It’s what you hope for, and you keep your fingers crossed. I was really excited that every scene in this movie had a great match with lots of sexy energy.

“There is an amazing double penetration and a train fuck in the three-way, and Ryan Patrick taking the plunger and Antonio Biaggi’s dick is a hot sight to see. You can actually hear the pop as the plunger breaks through Ryan’s hole to join Antonio’s massive cock.

“This cast really got me hard,” Rosen added. “Gorgeous faces, sexy smiles, awesome asses, big dicks, tight muscled bodies and over all sweet men. They made my job easy as a director.”

Unloaded is available at and will be in stores in the coming weeks.