MightyMen has Vince Ferelli's First Bottoming Scene

CYBERSPACE - Newcomer Vince Ferelli gives up his straight ass for popular muscle stud Robert Van Damme in a video called Ooops, now playing at .

As the story goes, during an afternoon jog Ferelli encounters Van Damme, whom he recognizes as a porn star. When Ferelli asks for Van Damme's help in getting into the business, the old pro assumes the newcomer wants to become a gay performer and is only too happy to provide a casual audition. It is not until after the man-on-man gymnastics are out of the way that Van Damme realizes his mistake.

The story parallels Ferelli's real-life introduction to gay porn. The Italian stallion actually did decide that although his desires lay in the straight side of the business, he'd be more in-demand in the gay market.

"Unlike other straight guys I've worked with, Vince didn't have the resistance and hesitation to have sex on camera with other guys," said MightyMen owner John Royce. "No drama, no hang-ups and easy to work with. Vince told me he was having a lot of fun working with the gay companies and looked forward to appearing in more video.

"In November, Vince is scheduled to travel to Los Angeles to meet with a major video company and seek other opportunities," Royce added. "I wish Vince all the best and thank him for his great performance in Ooops. I guess you could say Vince is ‘as straight as they cum.'"

Royce also praised Van Damme, who is best known for his work at Hot House, for his professionalism.

"I invited several of our MightyMen members to view a rough cut of Ooops, and all of them said Robert gives one of his best performances," Royce said. "I want to thank Robert for his guest-starring role and for showing Vince the ropes. Vince didn't know how much work went into shooting a scene with a pro like Robert."

Ooops is part of MightyMen's new Double Ejaculation series: Each video presents two guys spewing two loads of jizz each.

"We're doing our part to help the economy by giving our members more jizz for the buck," Royce said.