Mickey's Quickies | D.O., Wilfried Knight Do It for Raging Stallion, Other Gay Gossip

It was a dream dinner. Nothing could be more perfect than to surround yourself with handsome and talented men in San Francisco and have a great meal, good wine and plenty of sexy conversation. While I was visiting the city recently, Raging Stallion’s Chris Ward invited me to the house he’s renovating in a historic San Francisco neighborhood. It’s a historic landmark from the 1890s. Ward and his partner have done incredible work in bringing it back to its full, original glory.

And speaking of full glory …. Sitting on the couch, looking quite stunning, was porn star Wilfried Knight. Since I was fresh from watching him perform one of his best roles yet in Tales of the Arabian Nights, we discussed his breathtaking scene with Francesco D’Macho. Knight talked about how he grew up without parents, his friends in the gay adult business, and how he’s never won an award (which actually has surprised me). He said Chi Chi LaRue constantly tells him his time will come and he should relish being the Susan Lucci of gay adult video, at least for a while.

Then, in walked D.O. Even though he’d just finished a long international flight, he managed to look fresh and cute—and hairy, too. Yes, Raging Stallion is allowing the former international model to grow his hair all over, including on his face, his chest and crotch. Yeah, he said he got tired of shaving and feeling itchy all over, and he enjoys his new natural look, especially when he is au naturel.

The next day, D.O. and Knight were scheduled to shoot a scene together for an upcoming Raging Stallion film.

Meanwhile, also at dinner was award-winning writer-director Tony Dimarco, who is always working on some great story. Right now he is working on a movie that involves fighting, and RSS is hiring actual trained stunt fighters to make the story and scenes appear as real as possible. It sounds great.

After a sumptuous meal, Ward went into his wine cellar and pulled out a port that is practically as old as Knight, and we had a perfect nightcap. Ward said it was rare for him to invite the studio’s performers (or a critic, either, for that matter) to a fancy dinner in his home, so I felt very honored. What a nice night.

Of course, now it’s known that D.O. is in a long-term exclusive contract with Raging Stallion, and the model told me he couldn’t be happier. His first scenes for the company were with cute new Raging Stallion exclusive Chris Porter and Angelo Marconi. By all reports, things went extremely well.

Harry Louis has returned to porn after a short sabbatical. His first appearance was in Lucas Entertainment’s infamous Pissed On, released just last week. You can catch him next in Lucas’ Men at Play. He also stars in the title Harry’s Appraisal and has launched a new site, OfficialHarryLouis.com.

HardFriction.com just released a series of sex scenes featuring first-timers. (Even though one of the performers is named Steve Cruz, he’s not the well-known performer with the same name.) Rough and rugged guys like Trent Diesel, younger studs and more all fool around in front of the camera for the first time, and it’s hot.