LaRue Wraps ‘Black Balled 6'

LOS ANGELES - Director and partner has completed principal photography for the sixth installment in 's Black Balled series.

Black Balled 6: Under the Hood stars newcomer Dylan Saunders, who according to LaRue "has supermodel looks, a breathtaking smile and an ass that won't quit...and it doesn't. He takes close to 70 inches of rock-hard cock up his hole."

In the new title, Saunders gets "black balled" by eight other men: Aron Ridge, Markus Ram, Derek Reynolds, Christopher Ashlee, Scott Alexander, Aarin Drive, Ian Rock and exclusive Eddie Diaz.

"This is by far the hottest sex ever captured in the Black Balled series," LaRue said. "Not to take anything away from former Black Balled superstars Dean Monroe, Rob Romoni or Luke Savage, but I really feel Dylan Saunders will be catapulted to superstar status with this performance."

All Worlds Video and Rascal Video are C1R subsidiaries. Black Balled 6 is scheduled for a fall 2008 release.