HustlaBall Awards Winners Announced

BERLIN—Winners of the first-ever HustlaBall Awards were announced Saturday during a gala ceremony that took place during HustlaBall Berlin. From a field of 75 nominated films, seven individuals were singled out for awards. In addition, nine product-related awards and one website award were presented. Two long-time industry denizens were singled out for special honors.

Jean Daniel Cadinot accepted the special award for Lifetime Achievement and director-producer Marcel Bruckmann received the Honorary Award for his 10 years of dedication to the gay adult video industry.

American studios Flava Works and Hot House Entertainment both received three awards. European studios Cazzo Film and Eurocreme received two apiece.

The winners and finalists in each category were:

Best Actor (EU): Alex Stevens, Porn Boy (Eurocreme)
Finalists: Matt Hughes, Straight Guys Fuck (Fresh SX); Ivo Costa, Postcard from Venice (Fresh SX); Brian Brower, Graduation Gangbang (Sauvage)

Best Actor (U.S.): Cody Kyler, Mixxxed Nuts (Flava Works)
Finalists: Rich Wrangler, Nigga’s Revenge 2 (DW Media); Jesse Balboa, Hand Tools (DW Media); A.J. Rider, Load Master: Ace in the Hole (DW Media); Kyle King, Trunks 5 (Hot House)

Best Film (EU): Sex Pit Sluts (Bulldog Pit)
Finalists: Roadwork Ahead (XY-Studios), Out in the Office (Alphamale Fuckers), Straight Boy (Eurocreme), Hung Ladz 5 (Eurocreme)

Best Film (U.S.): Skuff 4: Downright Fierce (Hot House)
Finalists: Bone Deep (Dusedo), Pigs of Steel (DW Media), Mixxxed Nuts (Flava Works)

Best Group Scene (EU): Men Factory (Cazzo Film)
Finalists: Back Alley Bandits (Bulldog Pit), Spanish Heat (Alphamale Fuckers), Rudeboiz 12 (Eurocreme), Straight Boy (Eurocreme)

Best Group Scene (U.S.): Wood Work (Hot House)
Finalists: Nigga’s Revenge 2 (DW Media), Hand Tools (DW Media), Dorm Life 16 (Flava Works)

Best Director (EU): Todd Vero, Fucking Art (Wurstfilm)
Finalists: Marcel Bruckmann, Roadwork Ahead (XY-Studios); Vlado Iresch, Graduation Gangbang (Sauvage); Maxwell B., Sexpit Sluts (Alphamale Fuckers); Simon Booth, Hung Ladz 5 (Eurocreme)

Best Director (U.S.): Steven Scarborough, Skuff 4: Downright Fierce (Hot House)
Finalist: Dick Wadd, Nigga’s Revenge 2, Pigs of Steel and Load Collectors (all for DW Media)

Best Cover (EU): Porn Boy (Eurocreme)
Finalists: Boyjuice 8 (Dusedo), Spermhouse (XY-Studios), Straight Boy (Eurocreme), Subversion (Cadinot)

Best Cover (U.S.): Mixxxed Nuts (Flava Works)
Finalists: Load Master: Ace in the Hole (DW Media), Nigga’s Revenge 2 (DW Media), World of Flava: Paris (Flava Works)

Best Top: Fred Faurtin, Men Factory (Cazzo Film)
Finalists: Matt Huges, Straight Guys Fuck (Fresh SX); Denis Reed, Boys at Service (XY-Studios), Brian Brower, Raw Racers (Raw); Alex Stevens, Porn Boy (Eurocreme)

Best Bottom: Sky Devil, All Hands on Deck (Raging Stallion Studios)
Finalists: Marco di Lucca, Straight Guys Fuck (Fresh SX); Andy O’Neill, Boys with Toys (Fresh SX); Steven Tyler, Porn Boy (Eurocreme); Cody Kyler, Mixxxed Nuts (Flava Works)

Best Mainstream Movie: Outdoor, Director’s Cut (BerlinStarFilm)
Finalists: Roadwork Ahead (XY-Studios), Out in the Office (Alphamale Fuckers), Indieboyz—Trashed (Eurocreme), Subversion (Cadinot)

Best Fetish Movie—Special Interest: Pigs of Steel (DW Media)
Finalists: Piss Me Up—Fuck Me Now (XY-Studios), Dirty Fuckers (Dirty Fuckers), Pups (Bulldog Pit), Dirty Ladz (Eurocreme)

Best Ethnic-Themed Movie: Mixxxed Nuts (Flava Works)
Finalists: Nigga’s Revenge 2 (DW Media), Latin Heat (Alphamale Fuckers), Thug Boy 8 (Flava Works)

Best Website:
Finalists: , , ,

Best New Actor: Philippe Delvaux

The international awards jury included Andreas Mühlmann (PornUp magazine, Germany), Michael T. Smith (Qxmen magazine, UK), Slawek Starosta (NOWY MEN and, Poland), Patrick Bartisch (Phoenics People, Germany), Holger Weber (Rub Club and Presse, Germany), Frank Holzkämper (adult performer for Förster Media, Germany), Herbert Bürsgens and Günther Blankenheim (both with German Gay-Sexshop), Kai Werner (managing director of Mister B. Berlin), Asimo (adult performer) and Dieter Teichmann (Gay-Online-Shop, Germany).