Distributes iPad-Ready 3D Content

VANCOUVER, Wash.—Web-based gay adult studio takes a great deal of pride in being ahead of the technology curve, so it was no surprise to discover founder and producer-director Dominic Ford had his signature 3D content available for the iPad on the same day Apple’s new portable device hit the streets.

“We are excited to be the first gay porn site and certainly [the first] 3D site to showcase our fully [high-definition], high-quality content on the iPad,” Ford said. “Unlike [on] the iPhone or iPod, customers can now enjoy our HD content on a bigger screen at a size and resolution that our online users have come to know us for.”

The first scene released for the iPad features Next Door Male exclusive Parker London, whom Ford lensed under special treaty with NDM. New deals and marketing ventures have been at the top of Ford’s agenda lately, as evidenced by the studio’s recent signing of a multi-year distribution pact with Euromedia Distribution. That deal will see about eight Ford titles hit the streets on DVD during 2010, Ford revealed.

The first DominicFord-branded DVD is expected to street in mid-February. Body Heat, filmed on location in Budapest, will contain both 2D and 3D versions of the feature and will ship with two pairs of stereoscopic lenses per DVD. Two subsequent releases, 3D Porn Volume 1 and 3D Porn Volume 2, are expected to ship in late February, followed by the feature Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer’s Balls on March 29. The latter, from which clips are posted on the studio’s website, stars Luke Marcum in the title role along with Matthew Rush, Eddie Diaz, Cameron Adams and Robert Van Damme.

Ford’s relationship with Euromedia also includes a remodeling of the studio’s year-old website.

“Euromedia is a smart, creative and aggressive distributor,” Ford said. “They know what sells and how to get our brand to the widest possible audience in both the U.S. and Europe. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have a real partner in this process and not just someone distributing our product. There will be a whole new look and feel to the website and DVD line once the first DVD is released.”

According Euromedia Product Manager Hugo Harley, the distributor is equally excited to make Ford’s signature 3D porn style available in the brick-and-mortar world.

“[ is] truly an innovative company, and together we feel confident we can take the 3D porn concept to a much larger audience,” Harley said. “Everywhere you look in mainstream entertainment, 3D is everywhere, from movies to television stations, DVDs, even televisions. You can’t escape it. DominicFord is at the cutting edge of this technology and is unique in that not only are they technologically innovative, but the content itself is creative, featuring some really hot guys and well-known porn stars. We feel that’s a winning combination.”

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