Catching Up With Clint Taylor

Christian Wright: How do you define the term bear?
Clint Taylor: Somebody who's masculine, hairy...

Christian Wright: Is it more than that?
Clint Taylor: Well, I guess you don't have to be hairy because there are some people that consider themselves bears that aren't. It's more of an attitude. It's somebody who's manly and masculine and proud of themselves.

Christian Wright:
I'm trying to think of the first time I encountered you on DVD. It was in Tool Chest, which I reviewed-
Clint Taylor: That wasn't my first! The first movie I ever did was with All Worlds and it was called Bearing Leather. In 2001, I was Mr. Palm Springs Leather and my picture was in the local papers and All Worlds was getting ready to film a leather video and so [when] they saw my pictures, they contacted me, asked me if I'd be interested. And what was funny about that movie, my very first movie, was that it was a leather contest filmed at All Worlds Resort. All the leather contestants were on the stage and the people that were staying at the resort were in the audience. So they filmed everything from behind everybody who was watching the contest and then the contest became this big orgy.

Christian Wright: So you had a studio audience?
Clint Taylor: For my very first movie, I filmed in front of probably about a hundred people. Which is fine because I enjoy being in front of people, so it wasn't a problem, but I look back and think, "Oh, my gosh! My very first movie I did in front of a hundred people watching!"

Christian Wright:
You weren't nervous at all?
Clint Taylor: Not really. And also, you really didn't see the audience because with all the lights and everything you really didn't know how many people were out there watching. And, for some reason, I just get a big kick out of, or get turned on by, people watching. Even when I'm doing a movie, with the cameraman, the director, the photographer, it doesn't bother me to do it in front of people.

Christian Wright:
I've been trying to figure out your personality off camera, because you seem like you might be a little introverted, but you're not shy!
Clint Taylor: Off camera, I am. I'm a completely different person off camera! And I guess, maybe, that's why I enjoy doing the movies so much because it brings out my other side.

Christian Wright:
And did you make that connection before you did it? Did you say to yourself, "This is something I want to try"?
Clint Taylor: Well, before All Worlds contacted me, I had been interested in porn. But at that time, I never thought that they would be interested in me. Because, you know, most of the movies you see are younger people, not hairy, so I never thought that people would be interested in watching me. Then, all of a sudden, I did that one movie with All Worlds and then Catalina contacted me because they were getting ready to start doing a lot of bear movies - because by that point, you know, the bear scene was really hot - and then BearFilms, and Hot Older Male. Once I got one video done, then other people saw, and then they contacted me, and it kind of snowballed from there.

Christian Wright:
Two more of your movies that I reviewed were Bear Instincts and Wild Bears. And Wild Bears, that was partially filmed on location at Steam in Portland?
Clint Taylor: Yes.

Christian Wright: And you fucked one of my other favorites -
Clint Taylor: Uh-oh!

Christian Wright: - Woody.
Clint Taylor: Yeah!

Christian Wright:
Tell me a little bit about that.
Clint Taylor: Well, that was the neatest bathhouse! It had just opened and the rooms - the doors were like these big, big sliding doors, and you could either leave the doors open or just, kind of, slide them open a little bit. We had full access to the facility. It was brand new, like I said. They had a rooftop where we shot some scenes and then also in some of the rooms. I was there for a bear event and that's when we filmed. I can't remember the event, but it was a bear contest and bear weekend.

Christian Wright:
Was it on a ship?
Clint Taylor: No, but we did one on a ship with BearFilms! We took a cruise and...they said, "OK, we're going to film on a cruise, so we'll pay for your ticket," if you were willing to do so many scenes. I think there were about six or eight of us that filmed and it was a lot of fun. We filmed in the rooms and we were able to film on the balconies, because we had the rooms adjoining, so nobody could really see. We took a boat to a private island and did some filming on the private island and that was a lot of fun.

Christian Wright: At Steam, for that other shoot, was it a closed set?
Clint Taylor: No! It was open.

Christian Wright: No! So, you're having a lot of sex on camera in front of a lot of people. That's amazing, because you're kind of unassuming to meet in person.
Clint Taylor: Like I said, I think I just, for some reason, get off being in front of the camera and all that, so I become a totally different person.

Christian Wright: But you have kind of a quiet nature most of the time?
Clint Taylor: Always.

Christian Wright: What's a typical day for you? Like, you wake up, you're like, "I'm Clint Taylor and I'm ridiculously hot." Then what happens?
Clint Taylor: Depends if it's a workday or not. I manage a bar, I've been manager since the hurricane, since 2005. On my days off, I live an hour outside the city, out in the suburbs, so I'll be doing housework, going grocery shopping, cutting grass or swimming in the pool. It's a laid-back life. And when I moved back to New Orleans, I thought, "Do I want to live in the city?" because I grew up here. And I thought, "No," because, if I lived in the city, I probably would not venture out and do things. I have a dog and I thought, "It's not fair to him to just have him in the city, and walk him on a leash, with no place to go." Now he can go running through the trees and swim in the pool.

Christian Wright: Lucky dog! What kind of dog?
Clint Taylor: Boxer.

Christian Wright: Boxer. How old?
Clint Taylor: He's 11 years old.

Christian Wright: What's his name?
Clint Taylor: Woody. It's really Woodrow, but Woody for short.

Christian Wright: So you grew up in New Orleans proper?
Clint Taylor: Outside the city, but close enough in that every weekend we were in town. And then I went to school here at the University of New Orleans. I was in the dorms for a while, which was fun, because we would pack our bags, throw them in the trunk and then go out, and then just come home after the sun came up to go right to class, since the bars were open 24 hours. And, at that time, the drinking age was 18 and they never really enforced ID, so you could be in the bars at 16 and 17 and it wasn't a problem.

Christian Wright:
And what did you study?
Clint Taylor: Marketing. And for a while I had a market research company back in Palm Springs.

Christian Wright: And how long did you live out there?
Clint Taylor: I was there for six years. I was in San Francisco for six and Palm Springs for six.

Christian Wright:
Where did you live in San Francisco?
Clint Taylor: I was up on Twin Peaks.

Christian Wright: And what brought you to both places, initially?
Clint Taylor: My job transferred me to San Francisco, and I was renting there, and every six months I was getting that rent increase. And a friend of mine, TitPig, lived in Palm Springs and I would go down to visit him and I just fell in love with it. So I started looking around and was thinking, "Why am I renting when I could buy a house in Palm Springs for less than I'm paying in rent?" Housing was pretty affordable back then, so that's what did it for me. I grew up in the South, I enjoyed the heat, so it didn't bother me. And it was kind of a different heat, there wasn't the humidity like New Orleans, so I moved down there.

Christian Wright: What did you think of the weather in San Francisco?
Clint Taylor: Loved it! Loved it!

Christian Wright: In the summer, two o'clock rolls in with the fog, and it gets cold.
Clint Taylor: Well, after living here, growing up here, I was ready for a change. As you know, it's steamy!

Christian Wright: The air is, like, viscous, you know? It's like walking through lube.
Clint Taylor: It is, and then every afternoon, because it's so steamy that the clouds can't hold the rain any longer, it rains.

Christian Wright: Yeah, that was nice. I just caught that and walked around in it. Professionally, not market research-wise, who have you worked with that you've really liked? Who's made you say, "Oh, wow! This is a great job!"
Clint Taylor: Well, I am going to be doing a film over Labor Day weekend, during [Southern] Decadence, with somebody by the name of Rick Bishop, so I've been looking forward to that. He's been somebody that I've been wanting to film with for a long, long time and it looks like it might come true. He lives here, part-time, and he lives up in the D.C. area, and he's going to be down here for Decadence, so it looks like it might work out.

Christian Wright: And what's he like?
Clint Taylor: He's probably mid-40s, six-foot-four, six-foot-five. Massive, I mean, he's two hundred and, probably, fifty pounds. Just bulging muscles everywhere and dark, dark, dark hair.

Christian Wright: Wow. Nice! And this is going to be for who?
Clint Taylor: BearFilms. And they're going to be down here during Decadence to make a movie. They did one about five years ago, so now they're ready to come back and make the sequel. We're going to film upstairs here at The Eagle, at the bar across the street, and then also (I believe) at Flex bathhouse.

Christian Wright: And didn't you say, I think via e-mail, that you were doing something for Pantheon?
Clint Taylor: Well, I did film something about two months ago. It's supposed to be released this week, and it was filmed in Palm Springs. And about a month before that, I was in San Francisco and they were doing these, like, daddy/boy films. They've done a whole series of them. What's funny is, there's this house that all these young kids are renting, there's like four or five of them, and different people end up coming to the house: Either the delivery guy, or the pool guy, or the gardener, so I happen to play the gardener in this one. It's kind of a stretch! I'm out in the backyard, and there's a hothouse back there, and I'm doing some things, and he sees me out of the window...

Christian Wright: What are you wearing out there in the garden?
Clint Taylor: I'm just wearing, I believe, shorts and a T-shirt. Those two films are going to be coming out shortly, and then the ones that I'm going to do for BearFilms at the end of August, I guess will be out before the end of the year.

Christian Wright: And it's been how long since your last film?
Clint Taylor: Since the hurricane. I hadn't done a movie since the hurricane.

Christian Wright: So, this is the return?
Clint Taylor: (laughing) Yes, it's the return.