Brandon Lee Returns in C1R’s 'Affirmative Blacktion'

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—Channel 1 Releasing co-founder Doug Jeffries mastered combining controversy and interracial gay sex on film some time ago. With the release of his latest title, Affirmative Blacktion, Jeffries goes for the comedic jugular.

Under Jeffries’ direction, a multi-ethnic cast literally pokes politically incorrect fun at too many stereotypes to list. According to promotional materials, “the comedy’s most intolerant characters get their comeuppance in the end.”

Puns, double entendres and sight gags abound in the script by Jon Christian Sin.

At the center of the action, Brandon Lee returns to Channel 1 for his first gay adult role in several years. According to Jeffries, Lee produced some of his best acting and sex work for the film. Among the standout scenes is one in which Lee bottoms for both Matthew Rush and Rod Daily.

Also in the cast are C1R exclusives Jimmy Durano, Mitchell Rock and Eddie Diaz, along with Aron Ridge and Rob Romoni. Award-winning hetero star Sharon Kane makes a non-sex appearance.

The title is available via video on demand and on DVD at .