In 2006 the Viv Thomas Crew returned home from a very special shoot in Eastern Europe. The first Unfaithful had been filmed and was released a few months later to rave reviews from Viv Thomas fans.

Now, seven years later, the sixth and final film in the lesbian series, Unfaithful 6: The Conclusion, has been released. Critics, fans and reviewers alike have been heralding this as one of the best lesbian sagas ever.

• "One of the great things I like about Viv Thomas movies is that in many ways they are very much more than girl-girl porn; they are in fact works of great artistic merit."

• “...mark my words, this is a GREAT porn film. Congratulations all around.”

• “The characters in this movie are not just glamorous Hungarian porn stars, but actresses creating three-dimensional characters.”

• “Lezlove Video have given this five stars and I totally agree, as it is a classic movie.”

Viv Thomas mentioned how proud he was of the team: “The shoot was completed under pretty dire circumstances with most of our crew coming down with serious flu. They soldiered on and captured some of the best content we have created to date with unbelievably erotic all-girl sex scenes. The film itself was creatively written, well directed, and Lisa and Jo acted incredibly well. Hats off to all involved. We know millions of people are going to be enthralled by this spellbinding film.”